How many times have you heard people give this advice about starting a business?

“Find what you are passionate about and make that your business.”

Every once in a while, you might meet an entrepreneur who has taken that advice. One lady I met who fits that description is Diana Beam. This senior-aged dynamo found problems that aging adults face – and with that population growing, the problems are becoming more prevalent. So she took the bull by the horns and has developed not just one solution, but three. This article will focus on the first, and biggest situation she decided to address.

The primary problem Diana saw as she worked in the elder care field for several decades is that aging adults want to stay in their homes and their children worry about them being alone. It’s a strain for the “caregivers” to check-in daily on Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. So they feel not just guilty, but afraid that something will happen and no one will know for days.

An important, easy and affordable solution – just a phone call away!

So Diana created Keeping In Touch Solutions. Her staff of care callers make that daily call to check in on elderly clients. They talk about what’s going on, reminders are made about eating and medications and it’s not long before the caller and the person being called, the lucky senior, have developed a relationship. The recipients come to count on the friendly chatter and it gives them a good feeling to know someone else cares.

The family feels good about the daily calls, too. They don’t replace the frequent calls and visits from family, but the family knows that if the day gets crazy and they miss that certain time slot between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy someone else has made sure that Mom is okay.

There is a protocol in place in case the call is not answered and an emergency plan can be activated right away.

What sets this daily check-in business apart from the competition is that the care callers are actual people, not a recording of a family member or a robo-call that just records that someone answered the phone. Many so-called daily check-in services are just that. Diana says that defeats the real purpose behind Keeping In Touch Solutions. She says seniors want and need to talk with real, live human beings. They aren’t just another task on the to-do list. These beloved seniors need to be treated better.

Diana knows the problems caregivers face … and why a regular daily call can help

She has been the slab of ham in the sandwich generation. She was a daughter caught between trying to take care of her immediate family including several school-age children and being the sole caregiver for both her grandparents and her parents. She saw, and felt, the strain it puts on families, marriages and careers.

Diana also saw the situation from a professional perspective as the director of an assisted living facility. She saw the stress on sons and daughters and the sadness, loneliness and anger of aging seniors. No one was happy.

Not only is the Keeping In Touch Solutions daily check-in call a good solution for caregivers and their aging loved ones, she has kept it exceedingly affordable. That being said, she reminds everyone that there is no price you can put on the peace of mind and security it provides aging adults and their adult children – and she’s had many clients tell her that straight out.

Diana is a woman who has the commitment and determination to turn her passion into a service to alleviate the stress and pain of others – and she’s out to share it with everyone who could use her help: seniors, their children and friends. She offers a variety of ways for caregivers to contact her and even offers complimentary consultations.

Based in Carmel, Speedway and Indianapolis, Ind., Keeping In Touch Solutions can serve any senior or home bound person in the 48 contiguous states of the continental United States. Visit the Keeping In Touch Solutions website for more information.

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